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Restore your beams to their former glory

Our blast cleaning process can be applied to traditional oak beams and other wooden structures that need to be stripped.


Get your wooden floors and panels stripped to its bare layer with professional beam cleaning services. The bare layer is suitable for treatment and repainting purposes. We also provide wood restoration services for barn conversion and related renovation projects.


Contact P & P Blasting Services to discuss your wood restoration requirements. We also work on boats and yachts.

Why do beams need to be stripped?

  • To apply fireproofing

  • To apply woodworm treatment

  • To remove unsightly or old paint

  • To remove toxic lead paint or tar coatings

  • For effective sealant removal

  • To remove weathered and unsightly varnish

Wood restoration

Established in 2000

P & P Blasting Services is a professional cleaning company specialising in blast cleaning and beam cleaning. All our services are fully insured. We are located in Ipswich, Suffolk, and serve most of East Anglia. Contact our team on 07748 184 510.

Beam cleaning company

Wood beam stripping and restoration

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  • Domestic

  • Commercial

  • For boats, yachts and marine equipment