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Blast cleaning services for marine equipment

Do you want to remove rust and grime from your marine equipment? Or do you want the anti-fouling paint to be removed before applying a fresh coat? No matter what material your boat or yacht surface is made of, whether wood or fibreglass, we have a range of tried-and-tested marine blasting services to give you the professional cleaning service you require.


Contact P & P Blasting Services on 07748 184 510. Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, we work throughout the UK.

Restore your boat and yacht

Whether you require blast cleaning services to remove dust off equipment, or beam cleaning services to restore and renovate the wooden panels, we have got it all covered. Contact P & P Blasting Services Ltd in Ipswich today.

Marine blasting

  • Boat bottoms and parts

  • Surface preparation for painting and coating

  • Marine equipment

Environmentally friendly blasting services

We use modern blasting equipment and eco-friendly cleaning medium to ensure cleanliness of a high standard. We provide cleaning services for brick pavements, interior panels, walls, metal surfaces and more. Contact the P & P Blasting Services team in Ipswich.

Marine blasting services

Blast cleaning services for yachts and boats

Restore and add to the market value of your boat. Call us on

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